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First Attempt
A project done on an actual picture of myself. I think it turned out well. ^-^
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"Im Back!!!"
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Albino Beauty
I'm an albino girl and yes i do hav white hair I'm an albino girl and yes i do have pale skin infact this is how…
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Water Marble!!!!!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuHK6V79uIg&feature=relmfu The reason I am not embedding a video is because the video for…
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The Outdoors!
A lovely look for the outdoorsy girl.
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Where would a good place be to buy a…
I need a black fitted blazer, but I'm on a tight budget... Help?

"I have shelves for each kind of makeup, nothing fancy, just boards attached to my wall. A shelf for eyeshadow, one for lipsticks, etc. Shelves…
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Happy Holidays!!!
We aren't quite there yet, but come the holidays themselves, I won't have WiFi (Unless I go to McDonalds, that is) for my laptop. So…
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"The red one is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Definitely my pick! :)"
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"I have! When I put it on, it was cool to the touch, and it lasted so long! The best part was that the light reflecting on it makes it look like more…
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"This is just so cool! I love the use of red lipstick and dramatic lashes together! I think the Shailene Woodley hairstyle adds a lot of charater…
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The Basics
This more than likely wont be the BEST I've ever done, but I blame that on the image quality of the base picture. :)
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"Though I just registered, I'll be taking a break starting Thursday. :) Everyone having fun?"
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Oh, the Simplicity....
Don't we all wish smokey eyes were this simple? Semi-dark lips too? It's easier to pull off than you'd think.
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