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BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, fair skin, golden blonde long (past shoulder) straight hair

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RosalieCavanaugh commented on Which hairstyle is better (out of the 2?)

"As much as I love Tuekkie, his hair back then wasn't my favorite. What about something with a little more volume on the sides like Lee…
RosalieCavanaugh replied to Does anyone know anything on skin…

"Sorry, I don't know anything about skin bleaching, but i just have to comment: Waaahhh, Taeminnie is soooo cute! Aigoo :)"
RosalieCavanaugh replied to Could I pull off blonde?

"I would recommend staying brunette. And yes, bleaching your hair does cause damage. If you do it often and for several years, you can end up…
RosalieCavanaugh replied to could I look good with blonde hair...

"I would recommend remaining brunette."
RosalieCavanaugh replied to Blonde or brown?

"You would definitely look best as a brunette."
RosalieCavanaugh replied to What facial characters tell you that you…

"Short hair generally only works on women with thin, angular faces, very delicate features, and a more girly style of dressing. If you…
RosalieCavanaugh replied to What hair color best fits on me?

"I think light brown hair would look better on you. The blonde kinda washes you out."
RosalieCavanaugh replied to Best way to make hair grow faster?

"There is nothing scientifically proven to make hair grow faster. Once hair leaves the follicles in the scalp, it is no longer technically…
RosalieCavanaugh replied to What hair colour would suit me?

"Your natural hair color suits you perfectly."
RosalieCavanaugh replied to Natural Makeup?

"There's no need to wear makeup in middle school! You are much too young to already be falling into that trap of wearing makeup everyday,…
lolal83 has posted on RosalieCavanaugh 's corner

"thank u"
RosalieCavanaugh replied to LIVING DOLL,how?

"Get circle lense contacts to get that wide-eyed doll look. In the picture, you can see the difference between normal eyes (right) and with the…
RosalieCavanaugh replied to Check out this picture out Do you agree??

"Considering the survey was about what men like in a woman's appearance, and not just what they like in a woman, I would have to agree with…
RosalieCavanaugh replied to Is a smoky eye appropriate for work?

"A smoky eye is absolutely not appropriate for work. Your job is not the place to try out ostentatious makeup styles like this, especially…
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