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BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, normal fair skin, golden blonde very long (mid-back) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
Hello Taaz friends! My name is Rory and I'm a Makeup Artist from Denver, Colorado. I'm a married mother of 2 and a part-time Figure Skating Instructor. My experience as a Makeup Artist started with Nordstrom in Atlanta, GA. I was a Business Manager for Estee Lauder Cosmetics for several years before moving on to freelance for Estee Lauder, Christian Dior, and at the time, Calvin Klein Cosmetics. Although I specialized in Estee Lauder, I worked throughout the entire cosmetic department while working for Nordstrom. I also worked special events through Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. One of the funnest jobs I had was helping organize the "Skater Services" for the World Figure Skating Championships, doing hair and makeup for the athletes. I love doing makeup for figure skating competitions and events. My favorite place to shop for cosmetics is Nordstrom and Sephora and my favorite product is Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair! I'm so excited to have a website dedicated to all the things I love.....what more could a girl want? Taaz is the place for me!

The Corner

RoryGautsche commented on Which haircolour fits me beter?!

"They both are very pretty but I love your natural color!"
RoryGautsche commented on What outfit would you wear??

"#2 is more my style!"
RoryGautsche commented on wich??

"The cotton candy girl is so cute!"
RoryGautsche commented on Which make-up looks best on this model?

"I really like the eyes in #3!"
RoryGautsche replied to darker or lighter hair???

"Golden blonde highlights would look so pretty and bright!"
RoryGautsche commented on tough chick or sweet girl?

"I really like the cool look of #1 but #2 is stunning too!"
RoryGautsche commented on which one is your choice

"#1 is pretty and I love the color!"
RoryGautsche replied to Did You Like It & When You Would Like…

"Love the color and cut on her! Great, vibrant color for the Oscars!"
RoryGautsche replied to Did You Like This?

"Yes, I like it! Hmmm, wish I could go to the Oscars to wear it too!"
RoryGautsche replied to Which option is better (gold blond, ash…

"I like the 1st one, (the large photo). The color is perfect for you and gives you a bright look. Very pretty!"
RoryGautsche commented on Wich one eye makeup you like more???

"I'm a fan of the gold/bronze in #7!"
RoryGautsche replied to Which colour should I dye my hair?

"I think a dark reddish brown would look stunning on you and give you a nice but subtle change!"
RoryGautsche replied to do you think ariana grande suits the…

"Yes, it's nice. My only suggestion would be to use a more neutral eye color up near her brow and keep the blue to the crease and below since…
RoryGautsche commented on Better?

"Both pretty but I like the contrast of #2."
RoryGautsche commented on What's better?

"#2 with the darker lip."
RoryGautsche commented on Which Kim?

"#3....love the hair and signature eyelashes!"
RoryGautsche commented on Better?

"I like #2 because the hair style looks better. #1 looks a bit dull."
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