Thats what makes you beautiful <3
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, medium to tan skin, darkest brown medium (shoulder) straight hair

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RachelRachel22 replied to how to get clear and fair complexion?

"http://www.youtube.com/user/MichellePhan/videos?query=DIY go to this and check out some of this ladies DIYs i really like her she is…
RachelRachel22 replied to my face colour is light black.how to…

"Use a BB cream. It does alot of good things and one of them is it makes you look way more radiant and brightens up your face."
RachelRachel22 replied to what kind of makeup turns a guy on?

"Light makeup so they dont really see that you are wearing makeup, a baby pink lip gloss or lip stick."
RachelRachel22 commented on Which Make-Up looks better?

"For a wedding you want all eyes on the bride I think they are all a little to much try something like this."
RachelRachel22 replied to Are these platform shoes too 70s retro??

"They are a little disco but you could still rock them if you wear them with the right outfit."
RachelRachel22 commented on What is better hair color for me?

"The blonde washes you out go with the other one."
RachelRachel22 commented on What Colour should I dye My Hair?

"You should do a auburn brown or just a ash brown."
RachelRachel22 replied to What are your opinions of Michelle Phan?

"She is amazing she helps me so much"
RachelRachel22 replied to what styles of makeup are being used…

"Watch this girls makeup videos and you will learn everything you need to know http://www.youtube.com/user/juicystar07"
RachelRachel22 replied to How do you get fun hair colors?

"Well I do not know but DO NOT use splat hair color I used the pink one and it lasted two hair washes I was crushed"
RachelRachel22 commented on What hair colour suites me bsest?

"The last one or the #5 one"
RachelRachel22 replied to Looking for help with make-up! <3…

"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Wrl29rBG2A&feature=fvwrel Hope it helps :)"
RachelRachel22 commented on what is your favorite mac lipstick…

"#2 is pretty for day or night"
RachelRachel22 replied to if anyone could help me design the…

"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7cE39_R9mo Hope it helps :)"
RachelRachel22 's new status :

"Thats what makes you beautiful <3"
RachelRachel22 replied to What can I wear with these shoes?

"A short dress of your color with a belt the color of the shoes"
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