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BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, normal light skin, golden blonde medium (shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
My friend introduced me to TAAZ and i enjoy doing all the makeovers and giving out beauty advice. I have a few tips :)

The Corner

RH-Candy replied to what colour should i die my hair?

"I think you'd suit a light brown or medium blonde "
RH-Candy commented on What is your favourite? :)

"Oh don't worry @jhutch1992lover i totally agree. They are ALL over the top! But was just a bit bored and got lots of wacky pics. So for the…
RH-Candy replied to do you think this colour would suit me?

"That colour would look great! :)"
RH-Candy replied to how can I make red tips look classy?

"Put your hair up in a bun because that will hide the ends. And a sleek bun will always look classy and formal."
RH-Candy replied to what look great on green eyes

"I think this look... "
RH-Candy replied to What should I wear with these heels?

"Go well with dresses or skinnys :) "
RH-Candy commented on Who has the most natural beauty ?

"Koo hye sun defo :) But it was close between her and Kim so eun "
RH-Candy commented on What is your favourite? :)

"Haha i know they are really funny! :) "
RH-Candy replied to im 11 is it ok for me to wear a cat's eye…

"I think that it is quite young for lots of make-up but i think that a small amount is fine :)"
RH-Candy commented on RITA ORA or RIHANNA??

"Rita Ora is pretty and really cute but i voted rihanna in white vest because i LOVE her hair like that. It suits her the best "
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"Please follow meeee! :)"
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