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WHich dress for 8th grade graduation?
Im 14 with brigh red hair and want a dress to help me stand out
Quixotic1 asked a question.

Is this dress ok for 8th grade graduatio?
I am IN LOVE with this dress and have been watching various versions of it on ebay for years. I finally have a reasonable event to but it for but…
Quixotic1 replied to Ear piercing crusty is it infected?

"Thank you I am keeping it cleaned and if any other symptom s pop up i will get it checked out. That said can I take out the original stud and wear…
Quixotic1 replied to how do i convince my parents to let me wear…

"Tell you parents you are interested in makeup and want to try some for fun. Parents never go for "I need some to be more pretty". They…
Quixotic1 replied to why are my eyebrows so bushy?

"Nothing sadly.Unless you want laser treatment but thats kinda expensive. I heard something about wax making hair grow back slower too."
Quixotic1 asked a question.

Ear piercing crusty is it infected?
I got my ears pierced on my b-day a while ago but then one got infected and I had to repeirce that 1. The infection went away but recently(cuz this…
Quixotic1 replied to my skin has many acnes on it help what…

"Go see your dermatoligist! Even minor acne is a skin isue! I had reallyb ad acne and my derm put me on Epiduo. I see a major difference. Other than…
Quixotic1 replied to hair help!

"Side bangs medium length would look gorg. Something in between chin and shoulders"
Quixotic1 replied to I want a simple fondation for the…

"I easiest way to look like you're not wearing much foundation is to get one that realy matches you skin. At the store hold it up to your face…
Quixotic1 commented on One Hot Blonde!

"thx! It's my friend, I'm hoping to convince her to go blonde! "
Quixotic1 replied to What crazy color hair streaks are good…

"A neon pink for allot of fun or aqua. Maybe match your eye color or pick a color opposite your eye color to make your eyes pop. I have no idea how…
Quixotic1 commented on Which one do you prefer?:)

"numbers 2 and 7 are really cute love the quirky bow headband in 2 and the snake earrings"
Quixotic1 asked a question.

How fast do lashes grow back?
I accidentally cut my lashes on one side in half when failing to trim my brows (I know better now) and I was curious how long it would take for them…
Quixotic1 asked a question.

What is the best remedy for black heads?
I have tried almost everything from strips to scrubs. I am now on Epiduo gel from my dermatologist and I noticed improvement on the bigger…
Quixotic1 asked a question.

What are some makeup tricks to make eyes…
I have all kinds of eyeliners (gel,pencil,liquid)
Quixotic1 asked a question.

Does Temporary Hair dye fade? How soon?
When I say fade I mean like completely like hair is back to normal original color. I want to try dying my hair but without any commitment. I…
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