inner beauty is amazing!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Green eyes, fair skin, golden brown medium (shoulder) curly hair

Mini Bio:
Hi there! My name is Arlene and I am a professional Makeup Artist. I have over 14 years experience in the Beauty industry from working and Managing a upscale salon to Managing for MAC cosmetics.

I have had the pleasure on working on weddings, runways, photoshoots and charities working with Models and celebrities. I have a passions for Makeup and cannot live with out my MAC plus lash mascara and lash curler.

Makeup is about individuality and one's creativity of expression. There are no rules or boundaries, just endless possibilities. I feel like I am on a creative adventure and inspired by my 5 senses.

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"check it out : http://www.taaz.com/trends/hair/photo/choco-hair--color/bOCEecaawvv3tdiYQ8sXUozUGQz5M2K2.html"
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"Pls see my article on Taaz problems http://www.taaz.com/trends/offtopic/trolling-causes-suicide-/DLzS8x3oz8_0Ue2_s6w3BC4D1vxMwT5J.html"
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"Hello beautiful!"

    hello friend...

ProfessorBeauty replied to We may use the sunscreen for body on the…

"I would suggest using a moisturizing sunscreen made for the face! Its will be hydrating and also made to be able to use around the eye area too. "
ProfessorBeauty replied to What fragrance are you wearing right…

"I love lots of clean fresh aromas. Right now when I do use a fragrance, I like body by victoria. I also have the body wash and lotion too. I get…
ProfessorBeauty replied to Should I dye my hair violet?

"What is your currant color? I love highlights that are ore vibrant tones. Try to stay away from coloring the whole entire head that tone. Lots…
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"inner beauty is amazing!"
ProfessorBeauty replied to what color

"I would say a really rich warm brown would be nice. What tone would you say it is now? Also is it already colored? "
ProfessorBeauty replied to Where could I get great high waisted…

"I would try nordstorms or even forever 21! They usually stay within trend with their choices"
ProfessorBeauty replied to what hair cut should i get?

"I say go for it. It would be a good look for you shape face too.aq"
ProfessorBeauty replied to what is the best pair of shoes whenu wear a…

"If you want to stand out, go with a colored heel and add accessories! I usually wear a nude or black heel."
ProfessorBeauty replied to How do you get rid of bags ????

"Cucumbers chilled or even sometimes tea bags! There are great eye creams that contain caffeine in them to help out and firm the skin too. "
ProfessorBeauty replied to What is your favorite long lasting…

"MAC all of the satin and matte textures. "
ProfessorBeauty commented on What bag??? Help me?

"The first one please lol"
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