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How to get a daring look
This is how to get a semi-neautral semi-Night Club look!
Podwardcitys replied to What is my skin tone?

"Your skin tone is a very light olive. Some people call this Light-Fair. You should wear a foundation that specifically says it is for…
Podwardcitys replied to What is the best way to do my Eyeliner

"I think you should leave the Eyeliner idea, and use a brown Eyeshadow. Brown eyeshadow makes eyes look neutral and pretty. "
Podwardcitys replied to I have fair skin and grey blue eyes. What…

"I think you need to go something like a Caramel Brown. Get faint streaks of blond in it, and try braiding your hair. Braids go well with Blue Eyed…
Podwardcitys replied to how do you cover up/ get rid of spots and…

"Try an Anti Stress Cream. 9 out of 10 girls have spots and blemishes that have turned out to be caused by something bothering them. Try giving…
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"I'm awesome. Deal with it."
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