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BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, combination fair skin, golden blonde very long (mid-back) straight hair

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NatCat312 replied to What hairstyle best fits my face?

"Your haircolour suits you. I really like the way your hair is now, so I wouldn't change much if I were you.The simplest thing you could do is…
NatCat312 replied to Red dress dilemma

"I ended up with the whole edgy rock look. I really liked all of your suggestions, thank you all so much. <3"
NatCat312 asked a question.

Red dress dilemma
I bought this dress a while ago (It's from the Kate Moss for Mango fall 2012 collection) and I plan on wearing it this New Year's eve.…
NatCat312 replied to what is the best shampoo for greasy hair?

"In my case, I really like LUSH's JUMPING JUNIPER solid shampoo. I have really greasy hair and so far it's the only one that works for…
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Simple winged eyeliner
New Year's eve is coming up, so I thought I should do a how-to on a simple, yet elegant look.
NatCat312 published a new makeover.

NatCat312 published a new makeover.

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Simple elegance
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