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BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, oily medium to tan skin, darkest brown short very curly hair

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NOODLE13ME replied to which is the best color for nails?

"Depends on the season. I'd go for a shimmer navy anytime... reminds me I need to do my nails now. Have a meeting tomorrow. Can't show up…
NOODLE13ME replied to i have to wear a skirt outfit for my office…

"Go high waist. Safe and easy with white shirt. Gives off an independent strong look. They changed our dress code at work lately and I went for a…
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"What's new ladies!!! And Gents"
NOODLE13ME commented on defile

"7. I want that sneaker so bad "
NOODLE13ME commented on vintage diamonds

"I absolutely L♡VE it!"
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"Life is short. Live★Love♥Laugh."
NOODLE13ME replied to What type of colour would suit me the…

"*with body. Lol auto correct psssht"
NOODLE13ME replied to What type of colour would suit me the…

"Dark hair suits you. It makes your eyes look BAM!!! You could change your style to Kardashian Curls something by body. XOXO Stay Gorgeous"
NOODLE13ME replied to What fringe is the best for begginers?

"I agree. Side bangs are always safer and pretty for your Face shape. XoXo Stay pretty"
NOODLE13ME replied to are peplum dresses in or out

"Totally in!!! That shiz makes you look ten times skinny. Like I can't even explain. I use to NOT be able to buy myself one until my mom said…
NOODLE13ME replied to Egyptian Themed/Style make up clothes…

"Hey Thank you so much. Like the pictures looks great. I'm totally drawn to the third picture. I appreciate your efforts aaaaah!!!"
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"Hey please help me by answering my question. NEED your fashion expertise"
NOODLE13ME asked a question.

Egyptian Themed/Style make up clothes…
Hey guys. I need yourlz in the fashion department. Sooo im turning 21 in dec and im planning on Having an egyptian themed 21st (which I'm…
NOODLE13ME replied to What Is to Have a Best Friends

"That's a funny question. You'll know when you get one. I babe like 2. . Share everything with each other (now that sounds…
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"Feels like I've been gone for years... its been a year"
NOODLE13ME 's new status :

"My Taaz Babies miss yooooou loads...."
  1. @gorgeouslook3

    miss ya too

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