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BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, medium to tan skin, ash brown long (past shoulder) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
Coffee. Love. Laughing. Writing. Reading. Positivity. Eyeshadow. Movies. Comedy. Hugs. In that order, please. I'm a reporter & editor working in San Diego who has a serious addiction to beauty & fashion. I love anything involving artistry and creativity, so clearly, TAAZ is the place be.

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StoryChanger has posted on MonLovesMakeup 's corner

"Thank you for your post on geometric jewelry trends! I was able to share it, to celebrate our own geometric designs that support poverty stricken artisans around the world!!!"
vamp1967 has posted on MonLovesMakeup 's corner

"Miss you Monika! Your articles are so good!"
  1. @hayley3661

    i know, right? her articles are really good :D

maryam123456789 has posted on MonLovesMakeup 's corner

"I am sorry for following you so late. I just didn't know the way to use it. xx"
hzlaugher has posted on MonLovesMakeup 's corner

"♥Happy Easter!♥"
MonLovesMakeup commented on Will caviar nails be the new glitter?

"I saw this trend in a magazine yesterday and thought it was very neat! I could see this type of manicure being a hit at the red carpet at the…
MonLovesMakeup commented on How to rock orange lips

"Great tips -- especially the one about keeping the color matte! I like this trend, but I'm just not sure about it on me ;)"
MonLovesMakeup published a new article.

Makeup Essentials: Three Products…
Like I mentioned before, my makeup stash is a varied mix of both drugstore brands and more expensive counter brands. I like it that way. Today, I…
MonLovesMakeup commented on My New Shoes

"These are so cute! What a great pair of shoes for spring :)"
MonLovesMakeup commented on Katy Perry Makeup Look

"I think Katy has one of the prettiest faces in the business. I love her makeup look here - thanks for the tips."
MonLovesMakeup commented on Celebrity Beauty Spotlight: Christina…

"That's a great color on her! I agree, this is the best she's looked in a while. I like when she covers up a little more and lets her…
MonLovesMakeup commented on Spring-Summer 2012 fashion trends

"Cute! I love that fifth dress -- the skirt + tee combo, and that animal print dress."
MonLovesMakeup published a new howto.

How To Wear a Jean Jacket
Ah, the jean jacket. Somehow, this fashion staple remains in style decade after decade. These days, the denim jacket trend is certainly more…
MonLovesMakeup commented on Introducing Spring Nails!

"The Zoya summer colors are beautiful!"
MonLovesMakeup commented on petruta_lovely's Makeover

"That hair color is fabulous on you! I love it."
MonLovesMakeup published a new article.

Drugstore Essentials: 3 Affordable,…
My makeup bag is a mix of both high-end products and drugstore brands. When it comes to a good, solid makeup product, I certainly don't…
MonLovesMakeup published a new howto.

How To Wear a Maxi Skirt
Like the flowing maxi dress, the maxi skirt trend is here to stay this season. These long skirts can be worn in a variety of ways, but it's…
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