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Missrdll replied to Best Book To Read ?

"There is a free book and quiz website i found not so long ago. It's called "QUOTEV", I found it so easy to use, and its so great."
Missrdll replied to How to lose weight fast!!!!!!!

"there are tablets you can buy, which make you loose appetite, i used to use them, and found they were great!, Fruit and vegetable smoothies are…
Missrdll replied to What should I do with my hair?

"Summers coming up, so i don't recommend black atm!, Red would be lovely"
Missrdll replied to which hair style suits me best?

"I think the hairstyle in your photo suits you best!!, maybe even if you put the hair into a high pontytail, and curl the ends."
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Does my boyfriend still want to be with…
He left for his holiday to Turkey on the 18th July 2015, i did not hear off him till the 20th, and that was only a brief conversation. Now whenever i…
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What Things Can I Get For My 14th…
Well, It's Coming Up Too My 14th Birthday, And I'm Lost For Ideas, I Don't Know What Too Get?? Can Someone Give Me A Lil Help, You Can…
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Missrdll replied to Which bag?

"You Should go On to 5pounds.com Or there Is A £10 And Under, there Are some Really Nice 1's xxX<3"
Missrdll asked a question.

What Is The Best Way To Curl Hair
Hello, I'm Back With Another Question, Once Again. Well I Wondering.....What Is The Best Way To Curl Hair, I Don't Like Using…
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Missrdll commented on Do You think This Suites Me>?

"How Many Votes Are On Each, It Wont Let Me See xxx"
Missrdll commented on Do You think This Suites Me>?

"@Depressed-Girl Ha,ha Thanks A Lot, Really Means Lots&Lots, Once again Thanks xx"
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