Starting the day in a beautiful way…
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, light skin, golden brown long (past shoulder) wavy hair

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Miss.Rosie commented on Better?

"I say befor ebecause the lipstick and gloss matches more and it looks very proffesional! X"
Miss.Rosie commented on ¿wich dress would you choose for a…

"I love everyone.. where did you find the dark blue one? X"
Miss.Rosie commented on Wich Shoes?

"I prefer Pink-Purple for something like a disco party but 4 for something like a wedding. Really not keen on 3! X"
Miss.Rosie commented on which nails ????

"Love 4 and I love 8.. I just can't choose!"
Miss.Rosie commented on Which make-up looks best on this model?

"How do you make the lipstick and gloss look so awesome??? X"
Miss.Rosie commented on which haircut would help her best for her…

"I love curly hair on her it suits her really well! X"
Miss.Rosie commented on Which Jennifer Lawrence Make Over do you…

"The effects are really cool on the 3rd picture and look like something off of the cover to a CD! x"
Miss.Rosie commented on How to do Marble nails

"Wow! So cool..LOL! X"
Miss.Rosie published a new howto.

How to do Marble nails
Get the perfect marble nail look
Miss.Rosie commented on Which makeover is better (which suites…

"I meant eyeshadow not yeshadow! x"
Miss.Rosie commented on Which makeover is better (which suites…

"I vote 4 but would make the yeshadow plaer to be just a shade darker than your eyes!"
Miss.Rosie commented on which original purse would you use for a…

"The first would go with more and 2 looks more like a childs dress-up bag! 4 is very cute though! x"
Miss.Rosie commented on 2.oscar who wore the best dress?

"My fave is CatherineZetaJones dress and my 2nd fave is Amanda's"
Miss.Rosie commented on what is the most beautiful bracelet?

"I love number 2 and number 4! x"
Miss.Rosie commented on My best makeover 2012?

"Wow! Loving the waky hair do in pictures 1 and 2! x"
Miss.Rosie commented on Are you a fan of studded shirts?

"Not too keen on studded shirts.."
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