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"Thank you so much for your answer, I am new to this and really did not expect answers so quickly, as soon as I can find a purple eyeliner or khol for sensitie eyes I am going to try it out. Thank you again"
  1. @MelissaVenieri

    Hi! You're welcome!!! I am new here as well! As soon as you try the colours tell me about the resault, I'm curius!!! :D

MelissaVenieri replied to I have very odd colour eyes, what eye…

"I think deep blue and purple shades would be perfect on your eyes! Maybe dark brown with a little bit of shimmer could be great too."
MelissaVenieri replied to How do i pursuade my parents to let me wear…

"You don't have to wear make up since you're only thirteen, your skin is pretty vulnerable and any "make up thing" would be…
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