Starting the day in a beautiful lazy way…
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, medium to tan skin, ash blonde long (past shoulder) hair

Mini Bio:
Love all the colours here at TAZZ. I´m as you can see a genetic male who loves everything feminine Clothes and makeup and jewelery Almost forgot Heels and nails

The Corner

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"Love this vell balanced makeover so vell done Astonishing in its simplicity. Great!!!!!"
Maria580 replied to Are these shorts appropriate for work?

"It depends on what kind of office you work at. Take the shorts picture and ask a few, whom you relay on, at work"
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"Perhaps thats why I think it´s so beautiful"
Maria580 commented on Love

"Thanks Carolyn"
Maria580 commented on david's so pretty

"What a quick shange"
Maria580 commented on MY FRIEND.:)

"Love your style specially the hairstyle and lips"
Maria580 published a new makeover.

Maria580 commented on blue hair

"mysterious women all made up Nice colours Chrisf"
Maria580 commented on gold

"Harmonic makeup Fine colours! Chrisf"
Maria580 commented on white

"Thanks Carolyn Hope the weather is okay over there"
Maria580 commented on century

"Thanks John"
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