My favourite part of the day is at night when i wipe of all my makeup and feel natural
BEAUTY PROFILE: Hazel eyes, light skin, golden brown very long (mid-back) straight hair

Mini Bio:
i am pretty much the stereo type i guess. i love going cmping, 4x4 driving, beach, surfing(well body surfing ;). i love camping especially roughing it, getting into the nature. but i also love to go shopping and check out the new stuff thats in. i have a mild obsession with shoes :) my everyday hair is always down and straight. i love wearing the cat eye too and big ass lashes no matter what occasion. i love sports, even though every girl hates watching it. i can sit through a 3 hour cricket game and not get bored :L my favourite nrl team is wests tigers, my fave afl team is greater western sydney GIANTS. thats allittle about my self :))))

The Corner

Madeleine03 replied to Should i dye my hair red?

"no, especially with such tight curls that you have, i wont like it in the long run"
Madeleine03 asked a question.

i'm having this costume part, i dont…
nothing ---ty, it is my party so i need to have a good one. any creative ideas?
Madeleine03 replied to Are these shorts appropriate for work?

"nope, to casual, how would customers feel about the company if their employee's were wearing really casual shorts"
Madeleine03 replied to Hi there, Which is the best eye curler on…

"it may not be the best, but i was quite impressed by this. if you have a cotton on store, i know for sure they sell eyelash curlers at cotton on…
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Madeleine03 replied to How should i makeup?

"do a darker colour eyeshadow, maybe a deep purple witha shimmer, with some wicked eye liner, try and do a smokey eye, "
Madeleine03 replied to Should I dye my hair blonde?

"nooo i love your hair! try auburn maybe :)"
Madeleine03 commented on him

"hahaha on the right track atlest"
Madeleine03 replied to my boyfriend is going to dress up as a…

"do a priscilla queen of the desert :D haha if you dont know it... Look it Up and Laugh ur---off man"
Madeleine03 replied to I have dark spots or dark circles…

"foundation doesn't really cover up aswell as concealer. i recomend maybelline coverstick, works wonders:)"
Madeleine03 asked a question.

any advice on keeping fesh hair for more…
if i dont washed my hair it gets a bit oily, an advice on keeping fresh for more than one day.
Madeleine03 replied to What color should I dye my hair ?

"i love it the way it is :)))"
Madeleine03 replied to what should i do if i have shoes that i…

"if you want yoou can strecht the shoes, go on yoou tube and search 'Michele Phan strecht shoes with ice' i really found this video…
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