I do not get time to create new makeups as I am busy with my work.. But I am always here to check on your makeup, girls hehe... keep creating cool makeups.. Love you all :)
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, light skin, darkest brown middy straight hair

Mini Bio:
All I can say about me in regards to make up is.. I have never ever in my life done any make up. I have no idea about brands and stuffs. I actually do not want so much make up but I am here just to test few make ups on me and its fun. :).. I do enjoy doing a complete transformation using makeup..

The Corner

LucyNiang commented on Red hair ♥♥♥

"wow it suits you .. you look hayley almost....trust me ;) "
LucyNiang commented on pretty face

"ahhh sweet "
LucyNiang commented on Ginga Ninga ;D

"heheh soo sweet picture "
LucyNiang commented on Natural

"the girl looks robotic.. very nice make up.. i like the bangs "
LucyNiang commented on look

"elegant.. beautiful "
LucyNiang commented on Beautiful Girl

"thank you :) "
LucyNiang commented on New Hairstyle

"love the hair"
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