I love being on TAAZ :D
Hope you guys are having a wonderful day!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Green eyes, fair skin, golden brown middy straight hair

The Corner

LuCat23 replied to Can i pull off red hair?

"Definitely, you could pull it off. It would be gorgeous! Since you have light skin I think it'd be even better :) "
LuCat23 commented on Does my hair look best curly, wavy or…

"I love it when it's straight :) I don't know, but I kinda have a thing for straight hair. I love it :)"
LuCat23 replied to Whats the best acne treatment

"Er, nevermind about the age. Wrong there, didn't see your comment."
LuCat23 replied to Whats the best acne treatment

"Sorry if this is too long. Are you drinking enough water? Are you sleeping enough? Ask yourself this. I have acne too, only mine is not so light.…
LuCat23 replied to which 5 nails look the best ?

"1, 3, 6, 9, 11, 12, 14 and 15 are my favourite. But I think I like the Zebra print best :)"
LuCat23 commented on Red hair and fringe or brown and no…

"Maybe just dye it red but keep the no fringe :)"
LuCat23 replied to Would i look good with short hair?

"When I was 8, I got my hair cut short. Then, when I was 11, I got it cut again. I can't remember any feeling of regret when I was 8, but I remember…
LuCat23 commented on zayn malik

"Hahahahah very feminine! I love it :D"
LuCat23 commented on Which one of these wedges do you like the…

"The 3rd and 4th are awesome! (in my opinion, of course) :D"
LuCat23 published a new makeover.

Little experiment of my own :)
Nothing much, but I like it.
LuCat23 published a new makeover.

Klaire De Lys - Mirage
Inspired by a fantastic YouTube makeup guru, Klaire de Lys' Mirage.
LuCat23 's new status :

"I love being on TAAZ :D Hope you guys are having a wonderful day!"
LuCat23 published a new makeover.

New me :)
Just thought I'd change my look around a bit :D
LuCat23 commented on Best Swimsuits for 2012

"The third one is my all time favourite (haha, out of the three XD) and I think the first one is sooo cute!"
LuCat23 commented on Street Style: New York City

"I love all of them, just gorgeous!"
LuCat23 commented on How to Find Jeans That Fit

"I'm off to buy jeans now. Toodleloo! :D"
LuCat23 commented on what hair style suits me best?

"I think that straight hair really suits you, and if you got a half swept bang that would be really cute. I also adore #7, makes you look…
LuCat23 commented on Steal My Style: Pretty in Prints

"Woooowww! I love your style so much! :)"
LuCat23 commented on Me

"Wow, the blonde on you is just BEAUTIFUL :D"
LuCat23 replied to how old do i look

"14? Maaayyybee 15...? 13 would work too... Your username."
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Little experiment of my own :)
Klaire De Lys - Mirage
New me :)
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