Stuff happens when you party naked :'D
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Hi My name is Sunshine (seriously). I'm nice if you're nice :) I'm a hermaphrodite, I crap rainbows, I puke glitter, I troll, Let's do this thanggg. In the words of my doctor: " There's something wrong with that child"

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LololHAHAHA replied to what is the best medication for dark age…

"Yep, Dermatologist!!! Your skin also looks super-white compared to the other people in the photo.This suggests to me that you've used…
LololHAHAHA commented on which one bags is more ideal?

"I make all of my handbags from aborted fetuses. The only problem I've come across is that my 48 cats seem to gnaw at them constantly!…
LololHAHAHA replied to What perfume does Kris Jenner wear?

"She wears AW: AttentioN WhoorE (it's french)"
LololHAHAHA replied to what's ur shape?

"i shave my eyebrows off to feel the cool summer breeze on my brow. Mmm yes theres ntohing like sipping on a nice mint julep on a summers night…
LololHAHAHA replied to Pedicures or manicures?

"Feet are disgusting! BLECH! YUCK!"
LololHAHAHA replied to Dress or Pants?

"Go commando. Let it allll hang out! FREE THE NAKED SPIRIT WITHIN YOU"
LololHAHAHA commented on which is betta?

"Neither is "betta" because a "betta" is a type of fish. AKA the siamese fighting fish"
LololHAHAHA replied to Does pulling on your eyes really cause…

"You "pull on your eyes" to take your contacts out???? ouchhhh!!!!"
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