Great day for driving with the top down!
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I am passionate about creating the technology behind the best virtual makeover and try on site in the world.

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"Great hair color"
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"Great day for driving with the top down!"
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"Happy New Year everyone!!"
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"Very simple. Very nice."
vamp1967 has posted on Kriegman 's corner

"I am so happy the old/new gallery photos are back! It is so much easier to comment/vote that way! Your a real doll David and who ever else worked on it!♥"
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"Pls see my article on Taaz problems http://www.taaz.com/trends/offtopic/trolling-causes-suicide-/DLzS8x3oz8_0Ue2_s6w3BC4D1vxMwT5J.html"
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"I don't like to complain but I miss the big photos and the easy commenting on the last old gallery. Now it is back to small photos and opening in a new tab to comment. Are ya'll going to change it back to the way it was a couple of weeks ago?"
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"I have noticed that when I post a photo I have the right to set it with "only people with a link"! So perfect when you work on $ photos that only the owner needs to see! Thank you!"
  1. @Kriegman

    Thank you for comment. We love getting feedback about what we're doing well (or need improvment) and new features or capabilities that you and others would find valuable. Keep 'em coming! -- David

  2. @vamp1967-2

    Thanks David! It is really invaluable for privacy as you work on copy right material for someone else. I was doing work for a company and if I had known about this feature it would have been perfect and fast for them to see the work I did. I will remember it in the future.

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"hello sir.........."
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"Thank you, sir :)"
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