Starting the day in a beautiful way…
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, dry fair skin, ash blonde medium (shoulder) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
I'm a 25yo female with two adorable kids - 9yo son & 3yo daughter (they're more obnoxious than adorable 85% of the time) haha. I've always LOVED makeup (applying it to myself & others, attempting new looks & products, etc.) For the past 2yrs or so I've started to sample / test / review everything I could find makeup and otherwise.
HOWEVER, I would REALLY like to start a better skin care regimen, purchase new makeup & other beauty items!(Primer, Contour Makeup, Highlighting Products for Eyes & such, Concealer, Sponges/Brushes, Foundation, Loose Powder, Bronzer, Lip Balm / Gloss / Lipstick, Facial Cleanser / Moisturizer / Exfoliater)..
So.. LITERALLY EVERYTHING, unfortunately, haha. But would prefer to find these things from a drugstores considering the prices are far much friendlier on my bank account
My skin has some problems: Very dry (& occasionally flakey), Skin's kinda sen, too. Will experience problems with redness/blemishes, blackheads & large pores located on/around chin & noseSkin's kinda sensitive area.

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