Testing the waters on new and different looks...
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, normal medium to tan skin, darkest brown long (past shoulder) straight hair

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KAYCEEMAREE replied to Não estou conseguindo carregar…

"As vezes, se isso acontecer, basta tentar voltar ao inicio e abrir a foto novamente."
KAYCEEMAREE commented on Brown vs Blonde hair

"The brown really brings out your eyes."
KAYCEEMAREE commented on which looks better

"LOVE #6, gives her a very friendly and pretty look!"
KAYCEEMAREE replied to how do i get to lighten my hair without any…

"You're best bet is the sun, apparently lemon juice can help lighten it quicker. Mix with water and spray on your hair before sitting in the…
KAYCEEMAREE replied to if anyone could help me design the…

"Sorry the picture is a little grainy - I think you look better with red hair over black. You have great full lips so I would play them up with a bold…
KAYCEEMAREE replied to Looking for help with make-up! <3…

"I'd start with a good fair foundation and add colour to the eyes and lips. If you start small you can always build the colour until…
KAYCEEMAREE commented on Which heel style is your favorite?

"Love wedges but unfortunately I'm wearing more kitten heels coz everything else is too high when you're already tall."
KAYCEEMAREE commented on do u think i should go red?

"The red really makes you stand out from your friends."
KAYCEEMAREE commented on Red or Black?

"@electric_blue44 Thank you :blush:, that's very kind of you!!!"
KAYCEEMAREE wants your vote.

Red or Black?
I went black once and everyone complimented it but I like a bit of colour variation. Do you think red is better, black is better or in between…
KAYCEEMAREE commented on blonde hair or dark?

"Personally I prefer your original colour, but I think the black is dramatic and do-able!"
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