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Does blonde suit me?
Iv always considered going blonde. Currently i have reddish/brown hair... im scared to go blonde because the clour might not come out how I…
Jaydestorm replied to How do i make this look formal?

"I'd say a really high up pony tail with your hair straightened... im sure that will make you look quite formal!"
Jaydestorm replied to What dramatic hair color would look best…

"Yeah... i totally agree with some of the other comments... try a reddish/brown. I think it really would suit you!"
Jaydestorm commented on naileas's Makeover

"I loooove this look...so sweet! But how did you do the hair??? "
Jaydestorm commented on possible hairstyle ?

"That hairstlye is HOT! It remainds me of Christina Perri! But you can definately pull it off!"
Jaydestorm commented on Which hair style/colour suits me best?

"@hudelson2 Thanks so much for the advice... i will keep that in mind when i ask my next question... I really appreciate it!"
Jaydestorm commented on Which hair style/colour suits me best?

"@RoryGautsche Thanks man... i completely agree. That cut is quite flattering :D"
Jaydestorm published a new makeover.

From Kristen to Bella...
Jaydestorm commented on Which hair style/colour suits me best?

"Thats awesome! Im having so much fun playing around but at the same time learning some valuble tips as well... LOVE IT! :D"
Jaydestorm commented on Me

"Yeah! The blonde definately suits you! It looks very natural as well... :D"
Jaydestorm commented on what color hair???

"I think the red brunette is definately HOT! Love that color :D"
Jaydestorm wants your vote.

Which hair style/colour suits me best?
Hi all... im new here, and having sooooo much fun. But i need help trying to figure out which colour and style suits me best? Thanks ;D
Jaydestorm 's new status :

"Trying something new...."
Jaydestorm 's new status :

"Trying something new..."
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