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Jamie3654 asked a question.

Hey do you think this is a good picture?
Just wondering thinking about making it my fb profile pic.And theres no makeup or anything on it.
Jamie3654 replied to Jordan VS Demi

"I think Jordyn looks better"
Jamie3654 commented on high tops vs high heels!

"I like 3 but I would wear 1 at a football game!!"
Jamie3654 commented on Wich oneu00b4s the best?

"I like 4 on you and 5"
Jamie3654 commented on which hairstyles suits me well girls???

"I like the simple but I think the wavy is very cute too"
Jamie3654 commented on Which look is the best?

"1 and 5 p.s.thats Jennifer Lawrence right she is my favorite actress"
Jamie3654 commented on Which 1950's Actors do you like???…

"I like Monty if I had to chose 1"
Jamie3654 commented on which dress you like to wear on the prom…

"Emma Beck: just keep your mean comments to yourself!!!"
Jamie3654 asked a question.

do u like this one?
Got bored and did a makeover
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