Starting the day in a beautiful way…
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, combination medium to tan skin, mohagany very long (mid-back) very curly hair

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JLB.JANA commented on Which makeover suits her?

"@ivan_bhatnagar Thanks for the vote and message!"
JLB.JANA replied to What color should I dye my hair? Streeks…

"Any color would like great on you but I like this one."
JLB.JANA replied to what shell i do whit my hair it's…

"You can grow it a bit and then do a face framing cut and add a few lowlights! But it looks great curly :)"
JLB.JANA replied to what should i do with my hair ?

"Try taking a photo and uploading it into the makeover. It is fantastic. You can see what you would look like with all sorts of changes. After you…
JLB.JANA wants your vote.

Which makeover suits her?
I am looking to change my hair color and and cut soon. Please help. Thanks!
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