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BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, fair skin, copper medium (shoulder) curly hair

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J0rd0 replied to take it!

"last one for sure. I love those pants!"
J0rd0 replied to What colour should I dye my hair?

"Your dark hair is really pretty! If you're really set on blonde, how about a darker caramel blonde?"
J0rd0 asked a question.

how to get red out of hair?
a friend of mine used a brown dye and it came out dark red! she really hates it so i was wondering if there was any home remedies she could try?…
J0rd0 replied to what kind of product is good to keep nice…

"I happen to love Pantene's conditioner for curly hair. It works great when I let my curly hair dry naturally!"
J0rd0 replied to What colour\hairstyle should i…

"black hair with some light layers maybe"
J0rd0 asked a question.

what is the best color for a person with…
in terms of damage, fading, and complementing neutral toned skin, etc
J0rd0 asked a question.

Best way to do your own highlights?
I have dyed my hair many times with all over permanent color and have had surprising amounts of success, but I think I would like to highlight my…
J0rd0 commented on Hairstyles for Summer

"Thanks so much for explaining the fishtail braid! love that look!"
J0rd0 commented on Which sandals for wedding..?(OF MY…

"grey jimmy choo's or armani sandals with the green dress!!"
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