Wish to look like a WITCH...
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, combination fair skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) wavy hair

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IrisMain commented on Metallic Lips

"Great! I always thought its a special lipstic used, but its really easy to do yourself! Thanks!"
IrisMain commented on Ombre Nails

"its very nice! Would be great to see all steps photos"
IrisMain commented on erica_erica_erica's Makeover

"You looking good in here!"
IrisMain commented on erica_erica_erica's Makeover

"WOW!!!! Its the best one is!!!!! You look so attractive here!!"
IrisMain commented on JLo style

"Your makeovers are great, but you are so beautiful in your own!!!"
IrisMain commented on How to Get Smooth Legs

" Thanks!!!Its a great tips! I've got a question: why is important to shave in short strokes?"
IrisMain replied to What should I wear with these heels?

"I think they would be great with very short dresses or skinny jeans, cause they have to underline your legs! Wow! Its a really great…
IrisMain commented on going out look

"Its a FANTASTIC transformation!!!!"
IrisMain published a new makeover.

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"Wish to look like a WITCH..."
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