This is me. I'm not changing for anyone.
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, light skin, golden brown long (past shoulder) straight hair

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I WILL be a cosmetologist someday. No matter where life takes me I know I can always resort to it. Follow your dreams. I'm in training to be a cosmetologist!!!!!!! :D

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HairStylist11 replied to My friend is acting strange! What do I do?

"Okay. Thank you @GoodFaith !!!! I'll have to try to talk to her and just ask and explain myself!!"
HairStylist11 replied to I just got fake nails in gel and i find them…

"You could probably just file your nail like you would even if you didn't have fake nails. I don't know how well it'll work, but it…
HairStylist11 replied to Do you think i am beautiful with this…

"Remember, you are beautiful with or without makeup!!!!! You are SOO pretty!!! I think red lips suit you really well!"
HairStylist11 asked a question.

My friend is acting strange! What do I do?
I know this isn't beauty or fashion related but it's important to me! My friend recently made the dance team and I didn't. Lately,…
HairStylist11 's new status :

"This is me. I'm not changing for anyone."
HairStylist11 replied to What is a natural hair lightener?

"Thank you @GoodFaith and @hkec !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
HairStylist11 asked a question.

What is a natural hair lightener?
I have medium brown hair. I have used sun in, but I have noticed it isn't working how its supposed to on my hair. I have heard that natural…
HairStylist11 asked a question.

What shampoo is best for thick, oily…
I do tend to have oily hair, but as long as I wash it it stays under control. I have super thick hair. It's so thick that sometimes overnight it…
HairStylist11 's new status :

"If Cinderella's shoe fit so perfectly, then why did it fall off in the first place? Disney Logic"
  1. @GoodFaith

    You know those glass slippers never stay on...too slippery...LOL

  2. @chocolatecharms

    I agree with GoodFaith. high heels always tend to slip off when your running.

  3. @hkec

    haha this made me smile and think,=)

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