beauty is soul
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, oily light skin, dark medium (shoulder) very curly hair

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"hey I was the girl who asked about how to get rid of oily skin and black heads! And i found something that worked!! use the face wash made by "simple" it really does work amazingly! x"
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"is that u ur pretty"
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"beauty is soul"
GOGOSOLIMAN 's new status :

"beauty is soul"
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"Hello Nice to meet you"

    nice 2 meet u 2 :)))

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how to takecare of my very curly hair
i have black very curly hair how can i takecare of it ??
GOGOSOLIMAN replied to What is the best way to get clear skin and…

"i have the same issue 2 :( if u know any thing tell me "
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