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BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, fair skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
I have brown hair brwn eyes. I love Make-up and fashion!!! :)

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FashionBeautyForever replied to What style of haircut should i get?

"short-ish hair and I also think you should ye it blonde with like black or dark brown underneath :)"
FashionBeautyForever commented on What hair color looks better on me?

"I like the blonde one but i think you should do a darker blonde. "
FashionBeautyForever replied to How do I do a neat High bun or pony tail?

"@MeaganMUA okay thank you!! i'll make sure to try this :)"
FashionBeautyForever commented on Would my Hair Length be considered long…

"@ForeverMe11 okay thank you :) ive been wondering this for a while now."
FashionBeautyForever replied to What kind of mascara for sparse, short…

"I also have short lashes. I reccomend Dior show mascara/Iconic dior show, Buxom,Tarte,MAC,Estee Lauder, or Givenchy. :)"
FashionBeautyForever replied to What colour clothes would look good on…

"I think purple would be a good color for you as a top or blue,and then dark skinny jeans or shorts , or you can just wear what you like and feel…
FashionBeautyForever wants your vote.

Would my Hair Length be considered long…
MY hair is past my shoulders a little , so should i consider it as long or short?
FashionBeautyForever asked a question.

How do I do a neat High bun or pony tail?
My hair is curly/wavy and tends to be frizzy hpo could i do a neat pony tail or ben that does not end up as a mess? Ive tried hair spray moose pins but…
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