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EmmzXD commented on Should I get blue contact lenses?

"I think you'd look nice with green eyes!:3"
EmmzXD replied to how can i show my eye colour different by…

"If you grab a colour wheel it's easy! So, you're looking at lots of different colours... The colour you want to 'turn' your…
EmmzXD published a new makeover.

EmmzXD commented on What color should I choose when I'll…

"I'd go with the third one! You'd suit red/copper-y undertones (I think) and it'd look great! My personal opinion. Also,…
EmmzXD commented on Do any of these makeovers look not TOO old…

"Don't go so heavy on the eyeliner! You're beautiful with natural make up and I think by adding the black it's a bit too much. Maybe…
EmmzXD replied to How to give your hair volume?

"Have you tried blow-drying it upside down? I know that helps me, but to some people it can make their hair frizzy. Another thing I do is back comb…
EmmzXD commented on Blonde-y hair!

"Haha, only just seen these coments. Thanks guys:3"
EmmzXD commented on Which Golden Blonde Long Hair Do You…

"I asked for Carrie Underwood's hair when I went to the hairdressers and I loved the result. :)"
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EmmzXD commented on Lip gloss or lipstick?

"Two-in-one lip gloss+stick for me;)"
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