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BEAUTY PROFILE: Green eyes, sensitive light skin, copper long (past shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
I LOVE doing beauty online makeup!! If youh have pimples or any freckles I can cover most of them up... FOLLOW ME! I FOLLOW BACK!!

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EmmaMaslow asked a question.

How Too Get Rid Of Pimples
I always had pimples, I was never a clear skinned gal. I have too take a shower everyday cause I have bangs... Bangs can cause acne oily hair and…
EmmaMaslow replied to changing hair color WITHOUT bleaching

"Go brown, blonde highlights WOO HOO"
EmmaMaslow replied to What is my eye color and what eye makeup…

"You're eyes look like a green bluish hazel... Nd Mary Kay (:"
EmmaMaslow replied to Should I get bangs?

"Go Emo, lol You will look younger lol "
EmmaMaslow replied to Hairstyle

"Let you're hair grow, Long curly layered hair would so suit you!"
EmmaMaslow replied to What kind of hairstyle do you think is…

"Maybe go a little lighter, get more bangs... Yeah xD"
EmmaMaslow replied to Who wore it best?

"Selena looks more natural in it! "
EmmaMaslow replied to What kind of foundation is best for oily…

"I use Mary Kay it is always the best"
EmmaMaslow replied to How can I make my legs look longer ?

"Well you can just lean on you're short leg haha. My legs aren't equal either so I just lean on my short one. I'd lean on my longer…
EmmaMaslow replied to what can i choose for my different hair…

"Maybe dye it black so there is not big of a difference., add some layers. Yeah that purdy LOL"
EmmaMaslow replied to How to make short hair look longer?

"Well my friend cut her hair and she always kept her hair up and I thought her hair was still long. She took her hair down and I questioned why it was…
EmmaMaslow replied to What should I wear tomorrow for a hot…

"A shiny tight red dress and strapped pumps! Hair down less makeup!"
EmmaMaslow replied to I CANT SAVE MY PICTYRES

"There should be a button on the right side. That says Save. Save this picture and zoom in. If you don't have the sane thing, I'd make a…
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