Starting the day in a beautiful way…
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, medium to tan skin, reddish brown very long (mid-back) curly hair

Mini Bio:
I'm 14 (almost 15) and half austrian, half greek. I have a beautiful older sister and a beautiful older stepsister and great parents.
Thanks to my cousin for showing me this site.
I love hearing music, drawing and going out with friends. I speak german, english, greek and french.
xx Elli :)

The Corner

ElliN2 commented on which is hotter

"Monokinis are reeeeeaaaally beautiful and hot but you get a funny tan with them. but if you don't care about that i like the black one from…
ElliN2 commented on choose the handsome girlzzzz

"i looooove taylor lautner! he's so rawrr ;D"
ElliN2 replied to Which celebrity would you like to design…

"I think P!nk or Hayley Williams would do a good job. And Taylor Swift :)"
ElliN2 replied to Should I get contacts or keep wearing…

"Try contacts. And you don't look ugly without you glasses. It's just like @RoryGautsche said you are not used to see yourself…
ElliN2 asked a question.

What shoes?
Hey guys, my question is: What shoes should i wear with this dress? I'll wear it to a wedding in june and i can't even imagine what colour…
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ElliN2 commented on which eye

"Actually every eye shadow is really beautiful but my fave one is the autumn eye shadow! :)"
ElliN2 commented on celebrity

"Debby Ryan or Taylor Swif! :)"
ElliN2 commented on Would you wear embellished eyebrows?

"For a party maybe, but not for work or something :)"
ElliN2 wants your vote.

Which outfit looks better?
Hey guys, i wanted to aks you: which outfit looks better for special events? And if you vote for the first outfit, please vote for the first…
ElliN2 replied to Going blonde!!!!

"You should try as some other people say a light brown. Because with a brown hair colour your eyes will pop out. But if you really want then try…
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