Getting Acrylic Nails Done Soon Can't wait xxx <3
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, fair skin, dark long (past shoulder) straight hair

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hzlaugher has posted on CoCoChanelxo 's corner

"♥Happy Easter!♥"
CoCoChanelxo commented on Saoirse Ronan-2

"love it, she looks gorjuss!"
CoCoChanelxo commented on sexyfeatures's Makeover

"love the eyes! <3 xx"
CoCoChanelxo replied to do you like

"i <3 them would look cute with jeans or a cute black dress :)"
CoCoChanelxo replied to Ive never dyed my hair before. I want to…

"ii think a darker colour will look beautiful on you :)"
CoCoChanelxo replied to how to do this hair

"hey there my friends hair is very similler to this, its such a mint hairstyle i <3 it x the best thing to do is to search google under (scene…
CoCoChanelxo replied to Is this hairstyle and color nice on me.

"hey i think you would suite a darker coulour and a fringe on the side maybe :)"
CoCoChanelxo published a new makeover.

CoCoChanelxo replied to what do you think about this makeup

"i Personally think it looks amazing matches her eye colour, but maybe a diffrent coloured lipstick, maybe pink or a pale lipgloss xx"
CoCoChanelxo 's new status :

"Getting Acrylic Nails Done Soon Can't wait xxx <3"
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