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Just a genderqueer artist with a love of all things makeup, hair, nails, and fashion-related. I use makeup as a form of expression as a performance artist; not only when performing with my band, but also on occasion as my drag alter-ego 'Cassie Blanca' on stage. I also love experimenting with wigs, extensions, and various makeup looks casually too, even without any special occasion. Whether for performing, or a just typical Saturday night, It's all fun :) Instagram: caseyarobertson

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"Thanks for the liking my makeover. Love yours too! :)"
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"@fawnfawn3 Thanks! :) I totally need to find a hairband like this one somewhere lol"
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"@fawnfawn3 Aww Thanks! It was a fun evening (and a good excuse to get dressed up lol) :) "
CaseyRobertson commented on Dec 14

"@fawnfawn3 Thanks! I took this photo with my phone before going to a party a few weeks ago, and figured I'd do some makeovers with it. I…
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