Wishing I could gt more charms...
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, normal fair skin, vanilla blonde long (past shoulder) straight hair

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Laurel isn't my real name, I just hate using my real name because first of all, I don't like it, and second of all if you type it up on google you can find every website i'm on, creepy right? Anywho, I live in Australia, but I'm originally from Christchurch New Zealand, I'm single and not changing that because I'm confused about how I feel about someone. I like to do makeup in my free time, and one day hope to become a makeup artist just like my mum is.

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Just a little edit
Hmm tell me if you likey
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"Happy Australia Day!! xx"
BabehLaurel replied to Okay: My 10 year old wants make-up!

"Aww, I think it's cute how your little girl wants to wear makeup. She must look at you and think "Woah my mum is pretty, I want to look…
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"yay!! your back!"
BabehLaurel asked a question.

I got my braces off, what do you think?
Well I'm sure most of my Taaz friends actually didn't know I had braces, because normally I never smile with my teeth, but here is what…
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"happy new year! haha i know you havnt been on here for almost 3 weeks but i posted anyway!! misss you!"
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"wow! its been a whole week since you were on her... =( i hope your still alive!! i miss you so much!! hope you had a good christmas xoxoxo hope you come back sometime very soon. i understand you might be busy.."
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"chech ur inbox sweety!!"
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"You look about 15:)"
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Long blond hair
I like this, agree?
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"Wishing I could gt more charms..."
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"Unless you're going to be using pressed powder after a liquid foundation I advise you use a powder based foundation that offers full…
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"Some leggings w/ a baggy loose shirt overtop paired with some boots."
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"I am so doing this on Christmas day, agree? x"
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"@Choco_Holic You are goregous, don't let anyone else tell you other wise :)"
BabehLaurel replied to i have short hair any good updo ideas?

"Cute side pony tail are so adorable & easy to do!"
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"I hope everyone has a wonderul christmas & gets that special kiss under the mistetoe, I love you guys!"
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