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BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, combination light skin, ash brown very long (mid-back) wavy hair

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Studying full time, playing with makeup part time. Brown eyes & dark brown hair. Somewhat fair complexion. Awesome when you get to know me :)

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Anoshty replied to What color should I dye my hair? Streeks…

"I would suggest a dark blonde.. It would look pretty with you! It would bring out your eye colour too - as for streaks a little lighter shade of…
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How to reduce scars?
Popping pimples is something I love to do, though I refrain from it lately because that leaves a dark spot which takes months to disappear, by…
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"@stephenominal 3 consecutive weeks @ how many times per week? "
Anoshty replied to What hairstyles suit large foreheads

"I'd go with bangs or fringes too, trust me it worked for me! I have a huge forehead and with a fringe it looks much nicer :)"
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