hello Taaz! :)
BEAUTY PROFILE: Hazel eyes, normal light skin, strawberry blonde very long (mid-back) curly hair

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AndyQ commented on Which color should I dye my hair?

"@ugnelleee awww thanks! haha natural eyebrows :) oh and 3 is actually my real hair (:"
AndyQ commented on Blonde or brown???

"i like you blonde! maybe you can just change the tone of blonde of try a light brown, but i don't think such a dark color suits you as much. a…
AndyQ commented on Which one is better ?

"I alos love the last one but the second really flatters your warm skin tone and the hairstyle is more simple so it draws attention to your…
AndyQ commented on Which color should I dye my hair?

"@Depressed-Girl hey thanks for voting! lol 3 is my natural hair, so thanks actually hahahah"
AndyQ commented on Which color should I dye my hair?

"@chinkyminky thanks for voting :) haha the 3rd is my natural hair actually :P it was to show the difference. of the other two then, which do you…
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"dear friend i am going to follow you if you like you can follow me too....kisses.:)))))"
AndyQ replied to what clothes/make-up/ hair do boys like…

"Hey I'll answer as best as I can. I'm Andrea, 16. :) I'm a strawberry blonde with long hair almost to my hips, curly, and big…
AndyQ replied to What eyeshadow would go with my eye…

"You have a beautiful eye color, so what's important is to emphasize its color. With dark blue eyes, golden browns and bronzes look really…
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"elegance is my favourite :)"
  1. @AndyQ

    oh cool :) thanks! may I ask what about it you like so I can do that more often? xx

AndyQ commented on poker

"OMG how can this only have 2 loved!! its amazing, i love it. funky color choices, very creative :)"
AndyQ commented on pinky

"perfect lip color!! <3"
AndyQ commented on DRAMATIC EYES

"@sara1995elshami thankyou :) glad you think so because I wasn't sure if to add the hair or not. apprciate it. have you seen my other…
AndyQ commented on DRAMATIC EYES

"my newest makeover!! :) please comment"
AndyQ published a new makeover.

please comment :)
AndyQ commented on Look at me <3

"@Anna_makeup1 :) thankyou"
AndyQ commented on Look at me <3

"@tiaanC thanks!! <3"
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