im gonna go camping this weekend with my bestie! so excited!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, medium to tan skin, golden brown long (past shoulder) straight hair

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AmberGomez22340 commented on Gold Heels?

"#6 is so cute<33"
AmberGomez22340 replied to haircuts

"Layer it with some front bangs! This will suit you!"
AmberGomez22340 replied to What do you Taazies think of this…

"i think straight hair with front bangs would suit you"
AmberGomez22340 replied to would this be good for my birthday party?

"If you are going to be wearing the black dress, definetly! Even the purple would work! Take a pic of the peach dress just to see if it works. It…
AmberGomez22340 replied to What look(s) would go with these…

"1) A mini dress with a tribal or floral print 2) Skinny jeans with a lace top to balance the outfit out 3) A mini pencil skirt patterned in tribal…
AmberGomez22340 commented on Do you like your hair colour?

"I would love to be a blonde or a redhead!!"
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