BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, normal light skin, strawberry blonde very long (mid-back) straight hair

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AlexM2 published a new makeover.

evikeee has posted on AlexM2 's corner

"This is Katie melua lol"
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AlexM2 replied to i really need a new style but dont know…

"try shaving all ur hair off. it's so much easier to take care of. its not really all "
AlexM2 commented on Street Style: New York City

"Wow! Gorgeous outfit!"
AlexM2 commented on Steal My Style: Out and About

"You look super cute! I want those shoes :)"
AlexM2 wants your vote.

Which makeover is best?
I did another one on this girl (who is gorgeous!) and I want to know which one is best.
AlexM2 replied to Formal Dress: Blue/Polkadots

"You're right that it's very unique. Not many dresses come in polka dots! If you want to stand out this would be a great dress for you."
AlexM2 replied to What hair color is suitable for hazel…

"Almost any color goes well with hazel eyes, but dirty blond is probably the best for pale skin. Good luck choosing an answer!"
AlexM2 commented on Angelina Jolie: Which Look is the best?

"Number 2 is really good because of how natural it is..."
AlexM2 commented on Easter Essentials

"The eyeshadow is cool."
AlexM2 commented on Which one do you like?

"I like # 2 because she looks so much more natural. Geisha is dramatic, but I prefer natural."
AlexM2 commented on Which makeover is better!

"The last one wins!"
AlexM2 commented on Enhanced Angelina

"It's super pretty!"
AlexM2 commented on Which one is best?

"Pink eyeshadow can be a bit much."
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