Oval Face Shape

Alesha Renee Oval Face Shape

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Alesha Renee Hairstyle

Faceshape: Oval

Length: Medium

Color: Brown

Style: Curly, Bangs, Down

About this look

Alesha Renee opted for a natural look on the red carpet, letting her brunette locks flow freely. The actress looks totally chic with spiral curls and thinned-out bangs. A full head of curls can’t hide her glowing skin and statement earrings.

For curls as healthy looking as Alesha’s, be sure to treat hair with sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. This prevents hair from looking limp and weighed down. Blow dry damp curls with a diffuser attached to your blow dryer, and then lightly mist with a shine spray for a glossy sheen.

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