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I want to buy a Clarsonic and I want to hear from people who have one and whether or not you think it makes a difference and if it's really worth the expense.
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When I originally purchased my first Clarisonic I was vastly disappointed but after diligently using it I realize I probably can’t live without it. I dunno what it might be doing for keeping my skin youthful but it really does give my skin a super deep clean. I would def recommend buying it!
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YES it's worth it, but you don't have to buy name-brand as in Clarisonic. There are other not as popular brands out there that perform similarly. Oil of Olay, for instance, is similar, BUT NOT THE SAME. It only rotates in a circle. What makes the Clarisonic so special is that it's similar to a Sonicare toothbrush. It pulsates which opens the pores and allows you to get that deep cleanse. So yes Clarisonic is awesome, but maybe research other brands as well.
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I've had my Clarisonic for a few years now and I love it! I think I overused it when I first bought it and my skin flaked a bit. I use it almost every night and my skin feels and looks so smooth and it really helps with pores and evenness. It really helps your skincare products to absorb quick and get deep into the dermis. I would highly recommend it!!!
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The Clarisonics are pricey, but they're effective in really cleaning the skin. Think about all the polution we're subjected to & makeup we put on. Most people spend like twenty seconds washing their face & that really doesn't get it clean. If you don't have $150 in your back pocket, I know they have a mini version that's around $100 or you could try one at the drugstore for $25-$30-Olay has a similar system.
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Absolutely! It really allows for your products to enter the dermis more effectively.
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