Why my skin is not clean

my face is uptabele what can i do please help me
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My skin is the same! Wash your face everyday! Do not go with bangs to hide it, I have bangs and I have pimples all over... If washing your face with soap try proactiv, strid-EX or Clear zit... (:
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I had problems with my skin in my early teen years because I had really oily skin and of course the whole hormonal thing!I still get a few from time to time but my skin is usually pretty good!Your skin doesn't look too bad to me so Id say you might not have to take any strong antibiotics!If u have not gone to your gp already it made be a good place to start;however I think that the natural root is the best way to go as your not putting any harmful things in your body!If you use a good cleansing routine morning and night such as a natural cleanser toner and moisturiser you can get these in health stores/body shops etc cos they will not irritate the skin!I also take HRI clear complexion they are 100% natural!A good multivitamin,or lots of fruit veg, some milk products are not good for acne either!I also take vegetable capsules and omega 3 fish oils which are great for the skin and give you a really nice healthy glow!Don't pop or burst spots as this will leave marks!Try to keep greasy hair out of your face as the oil causes more spots!Try to cut down on sugary/salty foods!Tee tree oil/ steaming your face with a face cloth ova a hot bason with a few drops of lemon cleans the pores!Drink green tea etc to flush out antioxidants!Use natural face masks such as mud masks or ones for oily skin atleast twice a week to keep skin clear!Drink plenty of water and get plenty of fresh air into your skin and try wear light make up so your skin can breath!Hope I've helped!:)
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