Which self-tanner do you recommend?

I've been feeling a little pale lately and want to try some sort of self-tanner. Any brand recommendations? I want something that will give me a nice, simple glow, WITHOUT looking orange. Thanks in advance for your help!
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Try tantalizer which you can find at Sephora. Its the best ever! Just make sure to give it enough time to dry before getting dressed as it can take a little while to do so.
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I've tried a couple by L'Oreal that worked really nicely on me. Tip: Wear plastic gloves when applying to avoid orange hands :)
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Thanks for the answers, ladies. I really appreciate it!
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Jergens. Jergens. Jergens. I've tried them all, and I am extremely fair-skinned, and my hair is strawberry blonde and Jergens has been my only lifesaver. However, you have to be careful about which one you buy--there's different ones for different skin types, which is great, and so I usually only apply it every other day. It requires some patience, but it totally works! Because I'm sooo fair-skinned I had to do it sparingly, but if your skin is somewhat light but does well, then you can apply it carefully each night after you wash your face. That way there's nothing left on your skin, and it's vulnerable to almost anything, so letting it soak in overnight works really well! Just take a small amount each night, and within five or six days you really will be impressed! Good luck! :)
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Clarins! I've tried so many different brands but always have loved Clarins. They have a fabulous mousse and I love their face tanner. My favorite brand for sure. The Loreal Sublime Bronze works pretty good too.
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i love the tan wipes loreal make "sublime bronze" they have different shades easy to apply and come in handy quick packs :)
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