What’s your favorite on-the-go breakfast recipe?

something that's fast and simple to make please! :)
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You can never go wrong with a little bag of almonds in your purse. Also, an apple or granola bar are quick and healthy, and will help you keep your energy up in the morning.
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Hard boiled eggs are a great, healthy on-the-go breakfast choice! Buuut it depends where you eat them, because they do stink up the room lol!
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Two words: AUSSIE BITES! They're sort of like tiny little muffins, but they're full of good stuff like oats, sunflower seeds, honey, coconut, etc. You can get them at Costco for around ten bucks. Great for girls who are too rushed in the morning to eat breakfast.
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for me, it's usually peanut butter banana sandwich on wheat bread (i'm super lazy in the mornings :oD)
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Wow vamp! That looks ridiculously delicious!!! :9 I'm drooling right now hahaha. I'm usually in a rush in the morning, so I typically pop a wheat toast in the oven, grab a banana and an apple, and then hop on over to work :)
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