whats the best way to cover freckles?

Whats the best way to cover freckles?

I have some freckles on my forehead and nose, I hate them as they do not suite me. What is the best way the cover them?
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i'd use lemon juice but embrace your freckles! Lots of people dont have them so use an pencil eyeliner to change the colour of your freckles.
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www.bareminerals.com You need to layer their foundation minerals a few times. Find a shade in between your skin color, and the color of your freckles. Generally freckles fade as you get older; mine did. You can't even see the ones I had as a kid, anymore. I would also suggest wearing a sunscreen, if you don't want to get anymore.
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Don't freckles are beautiful and you should learn to love your imperfections. I say embrace them everyone is beautiful.
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Lemon juice + honey makes a great facial; so do cucumber slices! I recommend applying one of the two every week; switch off, or use whichever's more convenient for you. As for simply covering them up, I have a Milani click pen concealer that works great and is uber afforable! (:
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