Whats the best kind of Sun screen for your skin?

Whats the best kind of sun screen for your skin?

Its the summer time and i'm really pale so i definitely don't want to burn. Although some of the sun screens i've tried just make my face break out. What do i do???
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Honestly, I use a pretty high SPF - 50 or 60. I use the spray kind from Target, but get a specific one for your face and make sure you let it soak in.
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use a moisturizer with spf atleast 20 so it can moisturize your skin and protect also your skin from the harsh sun
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i have the same problem. i tried lancaster sunbeauty spf 50 for may face and it worked very good. i was outside in the sun the hole day and didn't get a sunburn
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You should use a tinted moisturizer or regular one with SPF in it like Laura Mercier or by Murad. You can find both at Sephora.
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If you are going to be DIRECTLY in the sun (outside), then I'd use a sunscreen FACE lotion from Neutrogena or Aveeno.
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Jane Iredale Powder-Me-SPF 30 in Transluscent. This won't make your face break out. Make sure you wear a hat when you go out. That's half of it taken care of, and if you wear big sunglasses on top of it, that's almost everything. Make sure you put some SPF on the back of your neck & ears.
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