Whats the best acne treatment

Whats the best acne treatment

I have some pimples and i cant get rid of them so whats the best acne treatment!!
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Yes make sure that you get all of your makeup off at night, and also get a spot treatment with salicylic acid.
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k thanx every one youve been a big help xx
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I think the Cover Girl may be causing your acne to get worse. The reason I say that, is because I used Cover Girl when I was your age, and when I stopped using it, my acne got a lot better. I would switch to www.bareminerals.com I would ask your mother to make an appointment for you to see a Dermatologist. Change your pillowcase everynight. You can turn it over once and then switch it every couple nights. Wipe your cell phone down with an alcohol wipe. I would also suggest wiping your face with Witch Hazel every night before bed.
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Er, nevermind about the age. Wrong there, didn't see your comment.
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Sorry if this is too long. Are you drinking enough water? Are you sleeping enough? Ask yourself this. I have acne too, only mine is not so light. You're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day and get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep a night. Be asleep in time. Avoid those soft drinks (I don't like them, myself :P).When I looked back on myself, I realized I had only been drinking 2-3 glasses of water a day and 6-7 hours of sleep a night. Don't use harsh products like Proactiv, trust me, I was going to buy it. But having a naturally healthy face is better than a chemically treated face that may just not work and eat your money up. Sleep on your back. Take showers at night. Moisturize your face, no matter oily skin or dry skin. TRUST ME. I practically have nothing on my face now,and I've only been doing this for a short time. Don't look for a quick fix. Stress can also contribute to your breakouts and exercising is a quick stress-reliever. Hope this helps, I know it did for me. I may be younger than you, but it doesn't mean I can't give my advice :)
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Well im 13, i use covergirl,i have not been to a dermatologist,and there mostly on my forehead,my upperlip and chin

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I get mild acne on my forehead and chin but its usually controlled by apricot face scrub and facial lotion in the morning and evening.
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So that we can better advise you, could you answer these Q's

1-What is your age?
2-What are you currently using to wash your face/what makeup?
3-Have you ever seen a Dermatologist?
4-Where are the pimples mostly, for ex: the chin, forehead, etc.?
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