What's a good DIY exfoliator?

What's a good diy exfoliator?

I have been thinking about trying a DIY exfoliator. I have normal to oily skin, but I don't want anything too harsh. Does anyone have any good recipes?
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I tried @cece_lam suggestion but without the lavender and it left my skin feeling smooth.
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I got this recipe from a friend of mine, and I absolutely love it! It's very aromatic and requires lavender, so I hope you are a lavender fan like me ;)

Mix 1 tsp each of oatmeal, cornmeal, dry lavender flowers and 2 tbsp of milk. Before I massage the mixture on my face, I'll treat myself to a warm towel (no more than 2 min and it should be lukewarm, not steaming). You can skip this step, and splash your face with warm water. Then massage. Rinse with warm water!

Although it's nice to have a DIY ritual for 1x wk exfoliation at home, have you ever tried getting a facial by an esthetician?? They are pretty affordable and so relaxing! I highly recommend it.
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You can give yourself a natural alpha hydroxy peel, weekly with Mother Nature. Put some fresh-squeezed lemon juice into sugar, making a sugary
paste and rub it gently onto your face and hands. Leave it on for a minute or so, rub off gently with a wet wash cloth. Your skin glows!
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