What to do with light eyebrows with dark hair??

As most of you know, i recently dyed my hair black. Naturally, my hair is a light brown or dark blonde color so i have pretty fair eyebrows. I don't want to look like I'm in Star Trek with bold, dark eyebrows, so what colors should i fill them in with? Or should i not fill them in at all? Thanks in advance. :D
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You can also just fill them in with a light brown eye shadow and eyebrow brush.
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eye brow pencils are the best to deal with this issue (:
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Try Anastacia tinted brow gel. They have about 5 shades...I'm thinking the 4th darkest would work, I think it's called Espresso. The more you apply, the deeper the color. I do think you need to darken them a bit for a bolder look.
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tint,shape, brush then fill either with powder or pencil in 1/2 shade lighter than your natural/or tinted color (this way it wont look too fake) then seal with brow gel and VIOLA hollywood brows you have a really nice brow shape naturally :)
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i think that looks good if anything just make them a little darker but i think thats cute
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Try to find an eye shadow color or brow pencil that closely resembles your brow tone. I've always thought Urban Decay's brow box has really natural looking brow colors.
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They look fine in the pic so if you're not really sure just leave them as is. If you still think they're too light try applying some brow powder with an angled brush :)
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